My time is valuable

I just finished writing the blog post about adding to my vision board and on my to-do list I had another blog post topic which is... owning the fact that my time is valuable.  I'm finding myself having deeper conversations with people now since my, as my friend called it - Kundalini Awakening - (if you have no idea what I'm talking about CLICK HERE)...

In these conversations I've realized that I'll let the conversation go on for a bit but once I realize that it's going in circles a thought comes into my head - I'm not connecting w/ the Universe.  Yeah sure whatever, judge me if you want too... but lord knows I'm well beyond caring about judgement now... muahahaha...  So I'll find myself saying, "Ok, I'm we're going to talk for 5 more minutes then I've got to go."  or I find myself putting a time limit on conversations.  I'm not doing this because I don't like the person or anything of that nature, but now I truly believe that my time is valuable.  

I'm safeguarding it cuz I've got THANGS to do!  I also cut myself off... I use the term "rabbit hole" when my mind starts to go down a path for what seems like an endless amount of time.  It's equivalent to if one is on YouTube looking for a specific video and then looks on the right and sees the suggestions and then clicks on that... and then clicks again after that... and again and again and again.  That's what my mind does FOR EVERY THING AUTOMATICALLY.  That's why if you speak to me, you see that I speak very fast and then I back up and try again and go a different path.  So these "rabbit holes" waste a lot of my own time... so I cut myself off when I know that the end result will simply be time wasting.

I understand why very successful & wealthy (I'm talking about the combination of the two) people fly in private jets... Yes, I've thought about this recently... they truly have places to be and their time is valuable AND they have the means with which to maximize their time.  That's not to say that other people's time is not valuable, but lets be honest - very few people can fly privately, but I'm sure we'd all like to be able too.  I know that I will be able to one day because it's on my vision board.  So that WILL happen and I'll blog about that experience too!

So for now, that's all I've got to say about this topic... I've got another topic that I need to write about.  I'm learning to be more brief in blogging.  So instead of rambling about everything in one post, I'll be simply posting more frequently.  But then again, at this point no one reads this blog... but TRUST... they will!  I've done this before.  I'm not new to this.... I'M TRUE TO THIS!  

Feel free to comment below (or wherever it shows up) if you fee so compelled!

7 ways I got rid of phone distractions

Since my, what my friend calls it, my Kundalini awakening, I've been speaking with a lot of my friends. I'm so grateful that I've already been able to inspire at least 5 people to read The Alchemist, which changed my life:  SEE HERE

I just want to list some of the things that I did to start to remove distractions so that I could recognize the signs that were being shown to me.

1. TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS:   I turned off my notifications from my phone lock-screen. Now the only notifications I get are the little red dot w/ the number on each app.  I found myself going to Facebook or Twitter randomly when I had maybe 5 seconds to spare from doing something.  I found myself getting frustrated with myself, saying "Why do you have to look at FB every 5 seconds?  NO ONE ELSE HAS POSTED ANYTHING, and if they did, why do you care so much?"  

When I turned off the notifications I noticed that I, SHOCKINGLY, had more time. hahaha what a concept.

2.  DON'T GRAB PHONE IN MORNING:  I do not immediately grab my phone in the morning.  I used to wake up, grab my phone while still in bed and start checking emails, FB, twitter... etc and THEN I would get up.  WRONG - for me... Now, I may not even plug in my phone to charge overnight.  If it's dead in the morning then it's actually better because then I have to wait to let it charge before I can access anything.

I'm actually getting better at it now.  I wake up, go to bathroom... brush teeth... grab some coffee...sit down...think....relax...  THEN I look at my phone.  My goal is to get better at this, and I know that will come but I definitely feel better.  

3.  DELETE APPS:  Now as an app company owner, this would be something that I wouldn't want to happen to my own app, but if it's not serving it's purpose then that's just something I'll have to deal with on my own.  In any event, I figured that when I scroll through the screens on my phone there were apps that I wasn't using and even simply by reading the app name or using brainpower to decipher the app icon, it just wasn't conducive to me being more productive for the day.

4. CUT-OFF PHONE TIMES: I now give cut-off times when I'm on the phone with someone and I notice them rambling.  I'm so grateful for everyone who has reached out to me wishing me well.  There have been some people who I've talked to on the phone and they give me an update on their lives and I found myself having to give them a time limit.  Now I didn't do this in a  BAD or RUDE way, but when I've been talking to you for an hour and you talk in circles about the same drama and negative energy, then I've got to cut you off.  I'm now okay with saying that my time is valuable and because my brain moves so quickly, If I'm missing signs then I'm going to feel it...physically.  So, I'll say to someone, "ok I can talk for 5 more minutes"  or "ok we've got 10 minutes"

5.  DON'T RUN FOR CHARGER:  If my phone is dying, I take that as a sign that I need to move on to something else.  That's a simple one... I will still go charge my phone but I no longer run with cord in hand and plug in the phone.  I simply say, "Ok this means that it's time to move on to another project than whatever I was doing on my phone... and that's okay."  

6.  AIRPLANE MODE - is the best thing for me.  When I want to "check out" I simply put my phone on airplane mode.  We all get a lot of text messages & notifications and alerts etc etc.  And while we should respond to them in one shape or form, it doesn't always have to be done IN THAT MOMENT.  So sometimes when I know that I need to get something done, I just put my phone on airplane mode.  Sometimes it's just for 5 minutes, other times it's for an hour.  We all know the feeling when you get a text message from someone or see an alert and you think about THAT for a couple of seconds... well, I no longer have a couple of seconds to give.  

7. UNSUBSCRIBE - I'm one of those people who cannot have the little red # icon show up on my phone.  That doesn't go for all of my apps, but it definitely goes for the 1st screen when I unlock my phone. So knowing that and in trying to free up some spare time for my brain to think, I truly began unsubscribing from all of the nonsense that was being sent my way.  

Now I'm pretty good at unsubscribing anyway.  If I have 15 emails in the morning that may be A LOT because I've vetted out the companies who I receive stuff from.   But the newletters and things where I say, "I'll get to this later" I just unsubscribe because I never get to them later.  If they are THAT important then I can deal with it in that moment.

I didn't do this to simply clean up my inbox, but I did this because MY TIME IS VALUABLE.