Book - Fahrenheit 451

After finishing The Alchemist, I was following the signs which led me to re-reading Fahrenheit 451 again.  The last (and only other time) I read this book was in 9th grade.  I remember hating it because at that age I didn't understand how to get beyond the way it was written.  My brain didn't work that way, and still doesn't to be honest, but now I know how to make it work for myself.  Anyone who has read this book may understand what I'm talking about.

In any event, I did enjoy the story this time around and it was incredibly relatable.  Ironically, I think that because we're moving towards this type of society, it was probably just as relatable back when I first read it. :-)  But again, I couldn't understand wtf Ray was talking about!

Sean "Puffy" Combs aka Diddy on Wendy Williams

The reason I put this here is because I can tell that Diddy is in a reallllly good place in his heart right now.  It sounded as though he's been through a soul-searching journey as well.  In the past, I wasn't able to "connect" with him on that level.  I laugh because it's as if I know him personally... not yet I don't.  But...just watch the video you'll understand haha...

Book that changed Pharrell's life

When one of Pharrell Williams' managers suggested he read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, Pharrell didn't realize the book would have such a profound effect on his life. Watch as he describes his revelations about the teachers, family members and others who played a hand in getting him to where he is today.